The year is 2070 and international affairs are currently in great distress. The United Nations has released confidential information that in 5 months, global warming extremes will be making Earth uninhabitable. As representatives from each country in the United Nations, the entire committee body will have to decide between trying to mend the current state of the environment, or terraforming the next possible planet we can inhabit: Mars. In this committee, you will need to take your own country’s positions into account. What would your country do in this situation? Would they allocate funding to the UN’s efforts? It is vital to your success in this committee to focus on previous terraforming and conservation efforts, and possible solutions to the upcoming threat. It is your job as a delegate to protect the lives of your citizens and save the state of the world as we know it.

Committee Overview

Meet the Director

Arielle Watts is a sophomore nursing major at the University of Florida. She has been doing MUN since her sophomore year at Cypress Lake High School. This is her second year in UFMUN and she has mostly done General Assembly for her entire MUN career. She was assistant chair in the ECOSOC committee at the previous iteration of GatorMUN. In addition to Model United Nations, she loves theatre, softball, butterfly conservation, and crocheting. She is a Certified Nursing Assistant and is very passionate about medicine, particularly in the labor and delivery specialty. In addition, she has a passion for environmental conservation and the usage of space in conservation efforts. She is interested to see what innovative ideas you come up with in this committee.