Don’t Hate the Player, Hate the Game: Gamemakers of the 4th Quarter Quell

Welcome Gamemakers to the fourth Quarter Quell of the Hunger Games! In this committee, we will explore an alternate timeline of the Hunger Games literary universe where the tributes incite their rebellion in a different manner. You all will be debating and writing crisis-style directives from the perspectives of our honorable Gamemakers as they engineer the twists, turns, and trials of the 100th Hunger Games. The theme for the fourth Quarter Quell is as follows: On the 100th anniversary, as a reminder that the rebels were unfit to be the architects of their own society, former tributes will personally select this year’s tributes and act as their mentors. This year’s games are of incredible importance given that it is the 100th anniversary of the Capitol’s victory over the rebels. It will be up to the delegates to design the most thrilling Hunger Games yet for the enjoyment of President Snow and the Capitol citizens.

Committee Overview

Meet the Director

Noelle Matthias is a junior at UF and cannot wait to direct at GatorMUNXXI. They are majoring in International Studies (Latin America and the Caribbean Concentration) and also pursuing minors in International Development and Humanitarian Assistance and Spanish. After serving as the USG of Media Design on last year’s GatorMUN secretariat, Noelle is excited to take on a more experimental committee topic. The somewhat recent re-addition of Hunger Games to Netflix has reignited a fervor about the series. The trials and tribulations of Katinis, Peeta, and other tributes were key stories in our childhoods. Noelle hopes to explore the power relations of the Hunger Games literary universe from a new angle with this committee. Noelle has also served on the UFMUN executive board as Secretary, on the GatorMUN secretariat as mentioned above, and is a seasoned travel delegate on UFMUN’s team. They love to crochet, read, and do yoga in their spare time and can often be spotted biking around campus and Gainesville.