Runaway Reactor: Pripyat 1986

Privyet delegates! Welcome to Pripyat, 1986. This shining city was built in the image of the Soviet Union. It serves as a beacon of progress and is a thriving example of all the good things, and other things, our friend the atom can accomplish. In light of the upcoming May Day holiday, it will be this committee’s responsibility to ensure the celebration goes on without a hitch! Delegates will be tasked with planning the May Day celebration and addressing any problems, obstacles, or nuclear disasters that arise by using their unique powers over different parts of our beloved city.

Committee Overview

Meet the Director

Nathalia Ramirez is a sophomore at the University of Florida pursuing a major in Political Science, with plans to attend law school after graduation. Nathalia joined Model United Nations in her first semester at UF and has been infatuated with the team ever since. Her involvement ranges from competing at conferences like UNCMUNC and McMUN to being USG of Event Management at SUNMUN II.

Outside of Model United Nations, you can find her extensively reading and writing, watching soccer, and listening to music--especially in the genres of Pop and Reggaeton. Other ways she occupies her time are with her friends and family, including her beautiful betta fish. She wishes you all the best of luck at this conference and most importantly, implores you all to have fun!