Sivako - Rise to the Challenge: Resources Development Administration Board of Directors

Welcome to the wonderful world of Pandora! In a committee set prior to the events of the first Avatar film (2009), as representatives from the Resources Development Administration (RDA), the largest non-governmental organization in space, delegates will be tasked with the exploration and peaceful engagement of Pandora and its inhabitants. The world of Pandora is like none humans have ever seen before. Delegates will encounter unheard of creatures, navigate sensitive ecosystems and scientific discoveries, and establish relations with the local population - the Na’vi. Will the RDA be able to rise to the challenge?

Committee Overview

Meet the Director

Katherine Weiss (She/They) is a senior at the University of Central Florida and is extremely excited to be your director at GatorMUN this year! Katherine is an English Literature major with minors in Anthropology and Women’s and Gender Studies from Niceville, Florida. Katherine has participated in Model UN since her freshman year of college and currently serves as Head Delegate for UCF’s travel team! Her love of movies and storytelling has led her to direct a committee based on James Cameron’s wonderful world of Avatar.