Spongebob: Bikini Bottom Peril

Are you ready delegates? I can’t hear you?? Who’s coming back to Bikini Bottom 25 years in the future??? Spongebob Squarepants (and friends)!!! Welcome to the near future where the characters of SpongeBob have all become hometown celebrities and are invited back to Bikini Bottom to celebrate their new fame. Festivities are cut short when the nearby volcano, Krakatoa, erupts and drastically changes the environment. The water starts to warm, sea life runs rampant, and order breaks down. The multitude of problems has become too large for any fish to handle alone. Society can still be saved by the combined powers of Bikini Bottom’s most famous figures and efficient government to date! It’s time for old rivalries to be set aside, friendships to be forged, and deals to be made in order to prevent our beloved town from becoming an underwater Pompeii. Good luck!

Committee Overview

Meet the Director

Michel Jijon is a sophomore at UF and is excited to be the director of Spongebob: Bikini Bottom Peril. He is from Vero Beach, Florida, and is currently pursuing a dual degree in political science and music. Freshly out of a law internship at Hoskins, Lloyd & Lloyd, he wants to become a lawyer and plans to go to graduate school after completing his 3-year college plan. However, if all else fails, he will be more than willing to take up his viola to high level orchestras and show to people that this forgotten instrument truly has its own voice. GatorMUN XXI will be the first time Michel directs a specialized— or Spongebob— committee. He travels with the UF MUN team and has displayed his willingness to put on a show just to make himself more memorable. That’s what he was thinking when he went full goth at MUNE XI just to be more immersed in his vampire role in a Sims 4 crisis. Get ready to feel just as immersed in his futuristic world of Spongebob vs. nature!