The Executive Council for the United Federation of Planets

Diplomacy, exploration, science; these are the foundations of the Federation, a peacekeeping and unification body created for the safety and cooperation of the universe. After its founding, the United Federation of Planets established The Executive Council for the United Federation of Planets. This body, much like it’s parent, is focused in science, exploration, technology, and diplomacy. But with this, the body also controls the daily functions and issues that the council cannot. The Executive Council works co-dependently with it’s parent to establish clean and continuous stability of Starfleet, UFP communications, the academies of the UFP, and exploratory bodies within the UFP. As the Executive Council, it is your job to ensure the smooth functions of the council as a whole, as well as the continuous growth of science and technology, membership, leadership, and progress of the UFP. With issues such as the expansion of territory, disarmament, research vessels, and continuing the legacy of Starfleet Academy, the Council continues to serve, at it’s best, at the right hand of the UFP and of the President of the Federation. Good luck, and as always, ad astra.

Committee Overview