The Road to the Oval Office: Winning Hearts and Votes

A Model UN specialized committee based on a fictional presidential campaign team would simulate the dynamics and complexities of a political campaign. The committee will consist of participants taking on the roles of campaign strategists, advisors, and key stakeholders involved in a fictional presidential election. The overall goal of the committee will be to strategize, plan, and navigate the campaign process in order to secure the fictional candidate's victory in the election. Throughout the committee, participants will engage in intense discussions and negotiations, aiming to build a comprehensive campaign strategy. They will address various aspects, such as crafting policy platforms, conducting opposition research, developing messaging and communication strategies, managing campaign finances, and mobilizing grassroots support. Participants will also face unexpected challenges and crises, such as scandals, media controversies, or unexpected shifts in public opinion, requiring them to adapt their strategies and respond effectively. The committee will progress as the campaign unfolds, with participants strategizing, collaborating, and competing to gain an advantage and achieve the ultimate objective of winning the fictional election.

Committee Overview

Meet the Director

Arthur Young is a third-year Business Administration Student specializing in pre-law while also minoring in Artificial Intelligence. He is from South Florida specifically Miramar but not many people know where that is so he just says 30 minutes away from Miami. He has had experiences with many different people as he has traveled to over half of the United States may it be for vacationing or for “business purposes” which is more often than not big pop culture conventions. With it being an election year he had decided to direct what is sure to be a fun but meaningful experience for all to enjoy. He will be directing “The Road to the Oval Office: Winning Hearts and Votes,” which he claims will be undoubtedly the best committee at this year’s conference. Delegates are tasked to serve on the campaign team of a fictitious candidate in a country that is both foreign and similar to what they’re used to. Arthur has previous experience as he had directed at the previous GatorMUN with his committee “UNCIO: United Nations Conference on International Organization 1945,” as well as staffing the GatorMUN before that in the Youtube ADHOC committee. He also served as part of the first SunMUN collegiate conference being in charge of the finances which led to it being the first financially profitable collegiate conference that UFMUN has done. Beyond MUN Arthur also is Treasurer of the First-Generation Organization on campus as well as a member of other clubs such as UF Pre-Legal Honor Society, Gator Star Wars, and Gator Weightlifting. When not doing anything school-related Arthur can be found working in the nearby Publix Deli serving up subs or zooming around campus on his electric bike.