Wizard101: Board of Trustees of Ravenwood School of Magical Arts

Welcome, wizards, to Ravenwood School of Magical Arts! You will be assuming a role as one of the main stakeholders of the university, and sit on Ravenwood’s Board of Trustees, the highest decision-making body of the university. Some of you are stand-out students, others are professors, and still others are community members of Wizard City with a vested interest in Ravenwood. As the top wizard university in the Spiral, Ravenwood needs you to put personal interests aside and make the right decisions for the students, faculty, and staff of this great institution. Meanwhile, the former professor of the Death School at Ravenwood, Malistaire Drake, has vanished in a fit of rage and despair, seemingly leaving in his wake a newly raised army of undead monsters that now threaten the streets of Wizard City. If one professor can wreak this much havoc at Ravenwood alone, could there be threats to the rest of worlds of the Spiral? These looming crises and more await you, young wizard.

Committee Overview

Meet the Director

Alex Sutton is a senior at Florida International University, where he serves as Student Body President in the Student Government Association. He is pursuing a B.A. in Political Science. He has been involved in Model UN since high school and served as Head Delegate of the FIU Model UN team for the 2021-2022 year. He was also twice named to the Best Delegate All-Stars list as one of the top delegates on the collegiate circuit. His favorite kind of committees are UNSC’s, Cabinets, Constitutional committees, and of course, fantasy committees. Alex has been a Wizard101 fan since he downloaded the game in third grade. Though he has taken breaks throughout the 12 years he has been a student at Ravenwood, he always comes back to his favorite game of all time. He is a proud Pyromancer and hopes to bring the love of Wizard101 to all delegates who embark on this wild ride of a committee.