Yes it's The Napoleonic Wars, Napoleon's Marshals

Napoleon’s empire stands strong and as powerful as ever. Much has happened since the dawn of the French Revolution and the rise of Napoleon Bonaparte throughout all of Europe. His success in Italy made him a legend but his success in Europe has made him emperor. Napoleon’s success though was not built alone but with the help and aid of his trusted generals. Napoleon’s Marshals have guided and aided Bonaparte through his conquests of Europe and Napoleon depends on them to offer sound advice and help. But the year is 1809, much has happened since the rise of the imperial eagle of 1796-1809. The Coalition of European Nations still stands against Napoleon’s Empire, ready to attack on all fronts. Napoleon cannot beat them alone, he will require the help of his marshals to either bring Bonapartism to all of Europe or succumb to the pressure of the coalition or even the pressure within the Empire.

Committee Overview

Meet the Director

Carlos Yera is a sophomore at UCF and is glad to be the director of the Napoleonic Wars, Napoleon’s Marshals. Originally from Hollywood, Florida he is currently double majoring in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering. The Napoleonic Wars has always been a topic he has loved to explore and study and is why he made the Napoleonic Wars its own committee. Delegates must take the delicate steps between war abroad and peace domestically. Carlos has volunteered once before at GatorMUN and has also served as a director for KnightMUN. Being a part of the UCF Model United Nations team has allowed Carlos to compete against UFMUN and become close friends with many of the members on their team. Carlos dedicates his time to engineering outside of Model UN and making the same joke of “It’s not rocket science” to non-engineering majors. He also enjoys his time playing soccer, gaming, and most importantly sleeping (math makes him very sleepy).