Delegates must wear Western Business Attire (WBA) throughout every committee session. Delegates not dressed in WBA will not be allowed to participate in their committees. Please contact the Secretariat for any questions or concerns related to the dress code.

EXCEPTIONS: While GatorMUN strongly encourages delegates to fully adhere to WBA standards including dress shoes, delegates may choose to wear more comfortable, closed-toed shoes (e.g. tennis shoes) during the conference. More casual forms of footwear including but not limited to crocs, flip flops, birkenstocks, and slippers remain unacceptable and will be considered a violation of this policy. Additionally, delegates who purchase official GatorMUN merch items are permitted to wear them along with jeans/pants on Sunday.


During committee sessions, all cell phones should be silenced, put away, and not visible, except in exceptional circumstances, which should be discussed with the committee director/Secretariat prior to the start of committee. Cell phones are not a replacement for a laptop, and pen and paper remains an option for all delegates, such as for taking notes or preparing a speech. (EXCEPTION: Press Corps delegates may use their phones)

In GENERAL ASSEMBLY committees, delegates are permitted to use their laptops, tablets, or other personal electronic devices (excluding cell phones) during unmoderated caucuses for committee-related purposes. Use of an electronic device for any other purpose is not allowed and can result in disciplinary action at the discretion of the director of the committee. Committee directors will specify their expectations for technology use at the start of the conference.

In SPECIALIZED Committees, directors have discretion to allow their delegates to use their personal electronic devices for committee-related purposes. Directors retain the right to revoke technology privileges and/or enforce disciplinary action in the event of improper technology use. Please consult your committee background guide for information regarding your committee’s technology policy.

In CRISIS Committees, delegates are not allowed to use their personal electronic devices during committee and do not need to bring them.


GatorMUN maintains a zero-tolerance policy in regards to plagiarism. Delegates found to have committed plagiarism will be disqualified from the conference. Plagiarism is defined as using the ideas or verbiage of others without properly citing them, be it an individual, organization, or anonymous document.


The use of Chat GPT or any similar program to produce spoken or written content is strictly forbidden. Nothing, including but not limited to position papers, resolutions, directives, crisis notes, or speeches may be written by anyone other than the delegate themselves. Use of Chat GPT or similar program for the conference in any capacity is tantamount to plagiarism and any delegate caught doing so will be immediately disqualified.


GatorMUN maintains a zero-tolerance policy in regards to pre-writing. Writing any text while not in committee session to be used during committee is never acceptable, including before the conference weekend, during breaks between committee sessions, and at night after the day is over. Copying text written for another purpose counts as pre-writing. Any delegate found pre-writing will be disqualified from the conference.


Just as real diplomats do, delegates are expected to behave courteously at all times with all people, including other delegates, committee staff, advisors, and Secretariat. GatorMUN is an educational experience accessible to all and all delegates deserve to be treated with respect. Harassment of any kind is explicitly prohibited at GatorMUN. Any attendee who fails to act in a courteous and respectful way during the conference, including outside of committee session, is subject to disciplinary action at the discretion of the Secretariat, up to and including expulsion from the conference.


Alcohol and illicit drugs are not permitted at GatorMUN at any point during the conference, including outside of committee session. If a delegate is in possession and/or using alcohol or drugs, they will be expelled from the conference and their advisor notified so that the appropriate disciplinary actions can be taken by their school.