GatorMUN XXII Registration will begin Fall 2024.

Registration Process

Registration for GatorMUN typically opens in August, several months before the start of the conference. At that time, delegations may begin submitting their registration. This consists of filling out a form with contact info, total number of delegates, and desired number of positions in each GatorMUN committee.

After registering, you will be sent an invoice for your delegation's cost of attendance. This consists of an overall delegation fee and a fee for each delegate. Check out the Pricing and Details page for more information.

  • There is a early registration deadline in late November, at which point any outstanding delegation and delegates fees will increase.

  • The second deadline to be aware of comes in end of December, when 50% of your payment is due to secure your delegation's positions in the conference. If payment or proof of payment is not received by this date, your delegation's spot in the conference is forfeited.

  • The final payment deadline is at check-in on Friday afternoon of the conference. Full payment of any outstanding balance is due at that time.

In addition to these payment deadlines, committee positions are also only assigned upon receipt of 50% of your delegation's payment. You are encouraged, therefore, to submit payment early to secure your desired committee placements. Submission of the registration form reserves only your spot at the conference, not the specific requested committee distribution.

There is a possibility of a full refund for a dropped delegate, if notification is given before JANUARY 1ST. Adding delegates is also possible, committee space permitting.


When your delegation first arrives to Gainesville the Friday afternoon of the conference, you must check-in at a central location before your delegates can proceed to their committees. Check-in ends when Opening Ceremony begins, typically 5pm.

At Check-in, staff will ensure your payment is up-to-date, accepting payment or issuing refunds as needed. You will also be asked to confirm the attendance of all your delegates, including their names and exact position assignment. This is done for safety as well as awards calculations. Please come prepared with this information to ensure a smooth and fast check-in process, for you, and every other delegation as well.